Some quick little thoughts:

1) This was deeeeeelish. Good challah never gets old.


2) SATs were early. And long. And tiring. Ew.


3) So make some bread.

4) And then eat some bread.


5) Clocks turn back tonight…get psyched for spring!

6) This fabulous recipe comes from Smitten Kitchen. I love.

Happy eating!


3 responses to “Challah

  1. Nicely braided challah, Deanna, and I’m sure it is as delicious as it looks. I’m glad your SAT’s are over with. Remembering from my own high school days, they were tiring to say the least. I like your idea of rewarding yourself by doing a little bread baking. There is nothing like it to help bring your spirits up after the long session of exam taking.
    You probably have already caught yourself but I saw that you were going to set your clicks back when really you mean’t to say ahead. I just take it as a sign that you must have been tired but happily relieved that this chapter of your high school life is behind you. Have a great day, Bob 🙂

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