Hawaii Vacation!

I just got back from the most AMAZING trip to Hawaii. Sun, sandy beaches, warm weather, and tons of fun 🙂

We spent a few nights in California visiting some family friends, then continued on down to Hawaii! Here are some tallies and pictures from the trip:

Flights – 5

Biscoff Cookies Eaten on the Delta flight where I found them and freaked out with happiness- 4

Hawaiian Islands Visited – 2 (Maui and Oahu)

Beaches – 3 in California, 3 in Hawaii

Ice Cream Places – 9 (this includes shaved ice and gelato, too)

Hikes – 3

Spectacular views – TNTC

Books read – 4

Pizzas eaten- 4

Opportunities to wear the Maxi Dress I sewed – 1

Museums and Aquariums – 4

Physics Labs – 1

Coffee Places – 9

Actual number of coffees I was allowed to get – 2

Some other highlights were parasailing (my personal favorite!), visiting some stunning art galleries on Maui, and playing beach volleyball in both Montecito and Hawaii.

Fantastic News! The oven will be fixed this week, so I will soon be able to bake again! I’m suffering from some SERIOUS cooking withdrawal here…

With love from Paradise,


P.S…Obviously I got myself some tropical tea as a souvenir…can’t wait to try it!


Opinions? Questions? Comments?

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