Summer is finally here!

Finals are over, backpacks are unpacked, and all school supplies have been taken home. As awesome as sophomore year was, I’m definitely ready for break. No stress, no studying, and most importantly, no homework 🙂

Get ready for TONS of cooking, baking, and every kind of food related fun. Now that I have more free time, I can spend it mixing up some ridiculously yummy food.

Speaking of ridiculously yummy food, I HAD to show you this cake for my brother’s 11th birthday. It’s the Campfire Delight Cake, from Sweetapolita. Even though I left the malt out of the frosting (my brother isn’t the most…adventurous eater), it was still unbelievably amazing. The cake is super moist, the frosting was fluffy and fabulous, and the cake was filled with a layer of heavenly toasted marshmallow frosting.

Here’s the happy birthday boy!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and get set for a fantastic summer!




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