Yesterday was a very special day!

It only comes once a year, but this particular year was an extra special year.


Because…it was my 16th birthday! Woohoo!!

That means on Saturday (because of course the DMV is closed on Mondays), I will be taking my permit test!

I’m SUPER excited. Especially because my big birthday present was a new camera! It’s a Canon Rebel T3, and I absolutely love it. I’ve spent the last two days taking pictures of everything trying to figure out how it works.

My other favorite present is from my younger brother and sister, who got me Steven Colbert‘s latest masterpiece – a children’s book titled I Am A Pole (And So Can You!). The Colbert Report is one of my favorite TV shows (aside from Food Network :)), and this book is just as hilarious. I loved it!

My mom even made me this lovely and very yummy Raspberry Butter Cake as my birthday cake after we went for Indian food at my favorite local restaurant. Overall, it was a pretty awesome day 🙂


Opinions? Questions? Comments?

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