Chocolate Almond Butter


It’s a key staple of anyone’s Passover fare.  Some people love it, others hate it.

I’d put myself somewhere in between. It’s not my favorite food, but it’s definitely edible, especially when it has all sorts of yummy spreads on top.

Meet this almond butter. It has come to make your matzah taste delicious. Spread it with cream cheese and be awed at the party in your mouth. This is my new Passover breakfast. Love 🙂

I actually liked this almond butter better than the peanut butter I made before, but I think that’s because I roasted the nuts myself rather than buying them pre-roasted. There are two main advantages to a home roast – one, the almonds will taste a million bajillion times better than if you buy them at the store, and two, you don’t have to add any oil! The natural oils from the warm almonds will provide the liquid you need to create the perfect nut butter. Yay for healthy!

Another great discovery for how to eat this almond butter – swirled into vanilla greek yogurt. 2 words – unexpectedly fabulous. Trust me on this one, it will taste amazing!!

I guess it’s only fitting that I should get my (slightly late) Channukah present on Passover – a new viola! I’ve been wanting a new instrument for a while. It took a LOT of searching but this beautiful instrument sounds unbelievably better than my old student viola. All I need now is a name…any ideas?

This is a pretty good week so far! Even without any bread, this almond butter and my new viola are sure to get me through 🙂

Chocolate Almond Butter

12 ounces of raw almonds

1/2 cup of chocolate chips, chopped

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 teaspoon of canola oil (optional)

Salt, to taste

Preheat the oven to 350 F. Spread the almonds on a sheet pan and roast for about 15 minutes. The almonds will be done when you can smell them. Let cool for about 5-10 minutes, but not completely – they should still be a little warm. Place the almonds in a food processor and grind for about 10 minutes. The almonds should turn into a liquidy paste. If after 10 minutes the almonds aren’t blending well, add in the teaspoon of oil. Once the mixture resembles almond butter, add in the chocolate chips and the vanilla extract. Blend for another minute or so, until the chocolate chips are fully incorporated. Spread and enjoy!




3 responses to “Chocolate Almond Butter

  1. Looks DELICIOUS!!! Funny–as I was grinding almonds for my Passover carrot muffins, I was thinking about almond butter. And here you are making it! Regarding the viola, I’ve got nothing. But I am reading the Clementine books to Jacob and she turns to the shelf in the bathroom for pet naming inspiration. Hence, the kitten named Moisturizer, (I suspect) the cat named Mascara, and the lizard named (eek) Flomax. So, with this theory in mind, how ’bout Neosporin? 🙂 Enjoy it and use it in good health!!

  2. Although I am not a big fan of putting anything on my matzoh except a little butter, I can see how a spread such as this one could make eating them alot more enjoyable, especially when taking the time to toast the almonds beforehand to bring out their flavor. This morning I am taking a few minutes to make up a batch of matzoh fry. I don’t make it except when Passover comes around and today I will make some for my late breakfast. 🙂

    Btw, congratulations on getting a new viola. I love classical music and Nancy and I have had a subscription with the Handel and Haydn Society the last few years, enjoying some wonderful concerts.

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