Birthdays and Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!

Here’s hoping you have a super sweet day with your friends and family, whether you’re planning to watch movies, bake heart shaped cookies, or just hang out and relax 🙂

Valentines Day is February 14th, but two days before just so happens to be February 12th, my younger sister’s birthday!

Birthdays in my family are my favorite excuse to bake huge, beautiful layer cakes. My sister’s favorite flavor is chocolate peppermint, so I decided to bake Sweetapolita’s Winter Delight Peppermint Cake. Good decision!

The cake is super moist (thanks to the addition of coffee), and the whipped peppermint frosting on top is fluffy with a refreshingly minty flavor. Together, it’s a delicious and classic winter flavor combination.

I usually end up with an obscene amount of leftover frosting, so I decided to only make half the recipe of the peppermint frosting. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near enough to cover the whole cake (therefore the “interesting” top half iced style)! My one piece of advice to you is to just make all of the frosting, because you will actually be needing all of it 🙂

If you want to be super awesome and decorate for Valentine’s Day, go ahead and make red frosting instead. My sister asked for a blue cake, and you don’t argue with the birthday girl!

Hope you all are having a great Anna Howard Shaw Day! As I discovered while researching my last US History paper, Anna Howard Shaw was an influential suffragette born on February 14th…and her birthday is clearly way more important than V-Day 😉

Hugs, kisses, and heart shaped cookies,



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