Welcome to California!

Hey guys! Hello from beautiful California, this year’s location for our family’s annual 2 week vacation.

California is warm and sunny, filled with palm trees, flowers, beaches with soft sand, and lots of delicious food! To start with, we visited Santa Barbara and neighboring Montecito. We played beach volleyball, rented bikes on the pier downtown, and visited the local farmers market.

The Santa Barbara Farmer’s market is amazing. It’s about 5 times the size of the one we have back home, and its filled with local produce and other food products. Figs, pie bars, spun honey, even finger limes limes! They’re shaped like peppers, look like caviar, and taste like limes-a super cool combination of foods. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them back on the east coast, so I’m enjoying them while I can ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the best places to eat in Montecito is Jeannine’s Bakery and Cafe. They serve breakfast and lunch (with a scrumptious Chicken Mango Quesedilla), but there is a bakery on the premises too. Let me tell you, their chocolate cake is absolutely fabulous. As we left with the closed box, a lady remarked that it looked delicious. She couldn’t even see it! Clearly Jeaninne’s is a (well deserving) Montecito staple for baked goods.

We also visited Manhattan Beach. There are some really funkily designed houses down there! Every house is very unique, and they all have great views of the water. After our stroll along the beach, we stopped in for some ice cream at the Manhattan Beach Creamery. The ice cream was great, and I also spotted the biggest peanut butter cups I’ve ever seen! They’re honestly the size of small cupcakes. LOVE.

In Westwood (close to LA), we went for Persian food at Scheherazade. It was really delicious, but even better was the cookie-ice cream sandwiches we got at Diddy Riese afterwards. You get to pick the flavors of each cookie half and the ice cream in between. It was a ridiculous amount of yummy-ness.

Later this week we’re going to try and find some of Los Angeles’s famous food trucks, visit the fabulous world of Disneyland, and have an overall delicious time! Happy vacation to everyone!


4 responses to “Welcome to California!

  1. Sounds like your having fun. If you think those houses are funkily designed you should come here to Chile with come and then you with think those houses are normal.

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