A New Page!

We have a new addition to the DB and Jelly website: the Substitution page. The substitution page might just save your life one day (or at the very least, your culinary creations).

It’s an ever growing list of substitutions you can use for all those times when you’re completely out of an important ingredient and you really don’t feel like going to the store. If you have any questions or ingredients you would like to see substituted, feel free to comment below. Enjoy guys!


2 responses to “A New Page!

  1. Oh, yeah, and being the person I am, maybe you could also create a page that have healthier options than what is usually listed. Like, using a lowfat butter instead of shortening (I have no clue if that works…).

    And thanks…again!

    • Some of these substitutions are actually healthier options, like using half and half instead of regular cream. There will definitely be more of that kind up here soon though.

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